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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

In case you're one of the two people on the Internet who hasn't seen this for whatever reason, check this out!

Summer 2007 and The Simpsons fans can finally see their favourite characters on the big screen.

Also, FOX has renewed the show for another two years, meaning that it will have be in its nineteenth season at least before it goes off the air. The Simpsons is now the longest running prime time entertainment show in history.

And there are rumours of Futurama's return as well. Matt Groening fans rejoice!


Alex said...

The return of Futurama would be awesome. I can't wait until 2007--Spiderman 3, Halo, AND The Simpsons. It will be awesome

Dean Ziegler said...

I think Matt Groening must be a zombie, that's the only explanation. He's of the living dead. He can't be killed by conventional means.
But please, some one put an end to the terror.