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Thursday, May 04, 2006

As they say in Star Wars land, "This will be a day long rememebered." Basically all the old school Star Wars fans can just shut up with the complaints and allegations that Lucas has been trying to bury the original Star Wars films and replace them with his what-they-see-as-inferior versions. Well, we can all cheer and celebrate the love, as the Ewoks once sang and will sing once again! The Original Theatrical versions of the Star Wars Trilogy are coming out on DVD this September!

Oh, and what would an Anders blog post be without a couple of movie trailer links.

The new Superman Returns trailer is up. It makes me more curious than the last ones, but I still have reservations. But who am I kidding? I'll still be seeing it.

And even more exciting is the trailer for Casino Royale, and it looks like Bond is going to kick some serious ass in his twenty-first film. Sure Daniel Craig is no Connery, but I think he'll pull this one off nicely. And speaking of nicely, that's how Eva Green is going to do as Bond girl Vesper Lynd. Very nicely.


Adam said...
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Adam said...

Though Superman Returns isn't one of my most-looked-forward-to films of 2006, I was impressed by Kevin Spacey after watching the trailer. It looks like he'll make a very interesting Lex Luthor.

As for Casino Royale, I just put up a post on that one. Now I'm watching the new trailer almost twenty times nonstop. This is an exciting year for spy movies.

RC said...

i agree w/ adam, i am very impressed with kevin spacey...

also i'd heard that bit about starwars...can't blame some people for wanting it in it's original form....

as for me...i'm fine b/c i'm not obsessed.

--RC of