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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Well, I'm almost half way done my essay at the moment, and it seems to be coming together alright (I don't feel like I'm stretching my material at all).

I recieved an invitation from my friend Ryan Fisher to attend Superman Returns. I'm still not sold, as the reviews come pouring in. I'm very skeptical of how marrying the new film to the old films will work. I have a feeling it will be awkward. The fact is that the Superman comics are much more interesting than the old films (for example, why have Luthor be a crook who has to come into possession of his fortune. He's much more interesting in the comics as a multi-billionaire whom the public thinks is a good guy). I guess I'll know for sure how I feel on Thursday night.

That said, here's a film that I'm sold on from the beginning. This looks good. Real good.

Forget Superman. SPIDER-MAN RETURNS!!!


rochelle laura knox said...

sounds like you've got plans thursday night... alright. i might have to tag along.

Luke said...

are you back yet? when are you going to see supes...i'm comming thursday night too!

rochelle laura knox said...

i'm back wed night. anders is back thurs morning. luke's back thursday night. yay!

Luke said...

i'm back now

GoldNboy said...

I saw Superman and I feel that you have to see it regardless of whether you will like it. It was great in my opinion but I happen to be solo on that one.