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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Ha ha. I bet you all thought I was done with King Kong related posts. Well, you were wrong. Peter Jackson and Co. won Empire magazine's Best Film award last night. Is it better than an Oscar? You can watch Peter Jackson's acceptance speech here, and enjoy the outtakes (WARNING: Lots of foul language in the outtakes, in case that kind of thing bothers you) as well as a special scene at the end showing the hitherto unknown way that they got Kong back to NYC!

Oh, and the DVD of Kong is out on March. 28th. Woo hoo!


Alex said...

King Kong was an excellent movie and I imagine that I'll buy the DVD when it comes out (if I have enough money that is).

Luke said...

Hey never fear Anders, Dvd release at the end of the month, and the extended cut a few months later. There are still many Kong posts left before you retire the topic...or wait, should you have to? We could build our own stop action ape and make the Son of Kong film! imagine stop action Nazis getting smacked by a giant stop action ape. mmmm maybe I should stop and think before I take any action.