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Sunday, March 26, 2006

I've only recently discovered the joys of the used CD store. Partly because Victoria has stores with slightly better selection than say Tramps back home in Saskatoon. The used CD store is a great way to fill in the "holes" in my collection, which are many (everytime I think about Joel's CD collection I realize how far I have to go). So I bought a few older CDs this past week that were new to me--and for prices that couldn't be beat. The first thing was to fill in one of the most glaring ommissions in my collection. After talking to Anton on Saturday morning and how he had been enjoying some Bob Dylan, I decided I needed to get some full albums (rather than just the random few MP3s of his that I had). So I picked up Highway 61 Revisted and Blonde on Blonde. And I've had a Bob Dylan weekend enjoying both these CDs immensely. Dylan really was a great songwriter and it's hard to pick out the best songs, but obviously "Like A Rolling Stone" stands out. Also, "Queen Jane Approximately," "Visions of Johanna," "Desolation Row," "I Want You," "Just Like A Woman," and "Sad Eyed Lady Of The Lowlands" are among my favourites (yes, I like the really long songs that he ends both the albums with).
I also picked up The Stone Roses self-titled (or eponymous if you prefer) album, which was a must buy given my current interest in 80s Indie British pop music and the Madchester scene. It's a fantastic album that totally fits into my current mood and tastes. Of course so far the songs that I enjoy the most are "I Wanna Be Adored," "She Bangs The Drum," and "I Am The Resurrection." They do a greata job of combining the solid, hook laden psychedelia of the 60s with a touch of the 80s dance beats. The result is an album I have a feeling will become a favourite of mine.


Sean said...

Cool. Where are the good stores?

Anders said...

You wanna go to Ditch Records on Johnson St. for sure. Best music store in town by far (and the place to go to get tix to all the hottest shows in town too). Best selection, and a mix of old and new CDs and vinyl. Rare indie albums and all the classics you need to own.

Goldy Music by the bus mall on Pandora and Douglas is a crap shoot. They generally don't get a whole lot of CDs (fantastic stock of vinyl though); however they are dirt cheap (lots of $2 CDs), but be prepared to scavenge (I found Blonde on Blonde for under $6, but it had just come in that day).

Peter T Chattaway said...

Tramps! Ah, I remember that place from my Bible school days ('87-'88). Bought a few LPs there, I did.

s i s k a said...

Now now, if we all compared our collections to Joel's, we will all come up short.
But it's a great dream to aspire to!