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Friday, February 10, 2006

I saw Phillip Seymour Hoffman in Capote this past week. Without going into an in depth review of the film, let me just say that I'll be rooting for Hoffman at the Oscars next month. The film focuses on Truman Capote's research into the murder of a Kansas farm family for his "non-fiction novel" In Cold Blood, and specifically the strange relationship Capote has with one of the killers, Perry Smith. Capote becomes fascinated with Smith and the insights that he gains for his novel. However, the film asks difficult questions about the nature and morality of such a relationship, especially when the ending of Capote's book becomes frusterated by the lack of closure to the killer's story. Catherine Keener is also good as Capote's best friend and research assistant, Harper Lee. I think it's a complex and engrossing film that deserves the accolades it's getting.

It's nice that Hoffman is getting the attention he is. After outstanding supporting roles in films like Almost Famous, Magnolia, Boogie Nights, and 25th Hour. I also love that he's going to be the villian in M:I-III. It will be fun to watch Frank T. J. Mackey,
from Magnolia facing off againsthis dying father's male nurse, Phil.


Luke said...

I gotta tell you, after seeing Capote, I think Hoffman might get a very well earned Oscar. Look at the filmogrophy Cold Mountain,25th hour,Owning Mahowny, had good performance in Red Dragon, Punk-Drunk Love,Almost Famous,The Talented Mr. Ripley, Magnolia, and The Big Lebowski.

He hasn't always had a big part and the films arn't always master works(patch adams), but every role he has had, he has played it perfection. Some actors go unnoticed in small parts, like Hoffman's Big Lebowski Role. Yet even with that little screen time he stands out. Almost like the guy from phantom of the opera, he knows how to steal a scene.

getting back to Capote. I was really struck by the questions of the artist,subject relationship. How much do you owe a subject? Is it moral to write a book the way Trueman did? Being explotive is somthing i think about every time i paint a picture, take a photograph, etc etc. I really enjoyed the film and would love to see Hoffman win

Anders said...

I'm glad you agree Luke. It looks like my earlier prediction that he would win stands up pretty well, eh? ;)

Michelle said...

Agreed - I saw Capote, and it completely blew me away. Phenomenal!