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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

All Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder has become the most amazing collaboration in comics, perhaps since Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. Hyperbole? Possibly, but after today's issue #2, I know I'm enjoying it like no other comic right now. Frank Miller and Jim Lee are probably my favourite writer and artist, respectively, of all time. Miller's Batman: Year One and The Dark Knight Returns are perhaps my two favourite comics of all time. This All Star series by Miller seems almost a sequel to Year One, as a young Batman trains Dick Grayson. It's gritty, extreme, and his Batman is crazy enough that one can see how he becomes Miller's aged Batman in Dark Knight Returns.

Miller's Batman is a tortured and driven character, who will stop at nothing in his war on crime. Even if it means putting a child in danger. In the first two issues Miller asks what kind of character would put a 12 year old child into harm's way? The answer: a crazy one.

And Jim Lee is at his peak here with the pencils in this series. The lower panel is just an example of the atmospheric, iconic look that Lee has captured here.

If you're at all interested in Batman or comics, you should be reading this series.


Luke said...

i'm going to get it.....*foot steps*...*door slams*

Luke said...

Holy Frank Miller!
that was one of the best Batman comics i've read in awhile. It was so intense, and you really feel the madness that is at the heart of batman. Yet still...IT'S TOO DAMN SHORT!