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Thursday, September 08, 2005

The reading list this year is going to be heavy. But since I'm not working close to the number of hours I have been the past few years (7 a week as opposed to upwards of 20) this shouldn't be unmanagable. My Literary Computing should be the most challenging, even though it involves a "New Media" project which can include " interactive narrative-oriented computer gaming" as a part of it. Does this mean that World of Warcraft could be considered "homework?" Of course there was no doubt that I would enjoy the Representations of Early Modern London class, as two of the main texts are Measure for Measure and Bartholomew Fair. Even better since I've taken a lot of Early Modern Drama, I don't have to buy textbooks. I already own most of them. Thus far I think that Chaucer and the Middle Scots Poets is going to be the most surprisingly enjoyable class of the bunch. I'm actually looking forward to it, plus it's an excuse to buy The Riverside Chaucer.

In the movie watching department, last night I rented Crash from Canadian filmmaker Paul Haggis (Due South - producer, Million Dollar Baby - screenwriter). I was most impressed with it. I know Luke and Danny both thought it was good, but they weren't raving and some of the other reviews made it sound really contrieved and pedantic. I thought it was rather good. A really solid ensemble cast including Brenden Fraser, Matt Dillon, Thandie Newton, Ryan Phillipe and more. Most surprising was Ludacris in a really solid performance as a racially conscious carjacker. Perhaps it was just the mood I was in, but the film really affected me, as a film about the interconnected world we live in and the sometimes random connections that occur when we "crash". Haggis does an excellent job on his first big screen directing gig. As a Canadian, Haggis brings an interesting perspective to race relations in Los Angeles. I expect more big things from him.


Kevin Ziegler said...

Hey Anders, how did you ad a picture to your profile? this new technology is problematic

Luke said...

Yeah I wasn't raving about crash. Probably becuase of it's touchy subject matter. I feel A raveing response wouldn't do the film justice. It deserves to be analyzed and talked about over coffee.
Side note: I think Paul Haggis was more than a producer on Due South. Did he not write as well?