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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Well, life certainly is busy. Suffice to say moving into a new city was a lot of work. And rather than leave a long drawn out account of my first week here, I'll just answer a few of the questions I'm sure are bound to be asked.

Do you miss home?

Yes. I do. It's a fact of moving. I miss more specifically the people that I left behind, but I will survive and I'm already feeling better. Victoria is extremely beautiful, but Saskatoon has its charms too - can you believe I'm actually saying that? I must be delirious. Or maybe my memory of the city is coloured by the superb people who live there.

Is Victoria beautiful?

It's amazingly beautiful and clean. And I feel safe everywhere. And so far only one morning of rain. Did I mention the Pacific Ocean? Yeah. It's beautiful, but what did one expect?

Why did you start a new blog?

Because I didn't like the URL on the old one (but I want to preserve those posts). Also, I went through a dry spell in the summer where I didn't feel like sitting infront of a computer when I could just go out and talk to people. Finally, it's a new chapter in my life, so why not start a "fresh sheet of paper"?

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